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We say it often and it’s true. We could not bring you the Executive War College each spring without the generous support of all our partners, especially those who work with us as Corporate Benefactors of this elite gathering of clinical laboratory and pathology executives. So, today we wrap up our series in this space profiling each of the 13 special benefactor sessions in New Orleans in just 10 days from now. Grace Health Technologies Leveraging Advanced Technology to Overcome Laboratory Hurdles: A Path to Enhanced Efficiency, Financial Performance, and Scalability This session, on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., will explore the transformative impact of technology on laboratory operations. It will delve into how innovative technology integrations can revolutionize lab practices, enhancing efficiency,


LDT Final Rule: This session will have you covered

We’re on the edge of our seats, waiting for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make official the final rule on Lab Developed Tests (LDTs), and wouldn’t it be interesting if it all came down during the 29th Executive War College. Suddenly, “Oversight of LDTs: How Labs Will Need to Comply, Steps to Take Now, and Analyzing the Financial Impact of Compliance” becomes an even more must-attend session. Jane Pine Wood, Sheila Walcoff, and Valerie Palmieri will lead this session, which once again shows how EWC brings you the latest and greatest info on what’s happening right now. It’s like being in the right place at the right time; like observing “totality” on Monday somewhere in America. It’s actually one of several sessions we


Showing Labs The Money; Get Maximum Reimbursement

Every time I read an article in the clinical laboratory world about reimbursement, I immediately flash on a famous scene in a famous 1990s rom com, where a character named Rod Tidwell is on the phone coaxing and cajoling a guy named Jerry Maguire to scream out a certain catch phrase that has since entered the lexicon. “Show me the money!!!!!” Well, that’s one of the things we will do at the 29th Executive War College. Getting maximum reimbursement these days when claims denials are on the rise is critically important, and this will be a theme across our program. So in this issue where we highlight our benefactor sessions, we feature the Quadax panel discussion, “Effective Appeal Strategies and Technological Solutions for Increased


A 16-Year-Old Leads the Gen Z Charge into Clinical Lab World

If you see Isak Schmidley around the Hyatt in New Orleans in four weeks, please spare him of the Doogie Howser jokes. After all, this young man is no fictional TV character. He’s the real deal, and a remarkable, wonderful story right now in the clinical laboratory world. Gen Z is in the house! Last summer the 16-year-old completed his Bachelor of Science degree and got his Medical Laboratory Scientist Certificate (MLS), and is now serving as the youngest member of the Christus Health lab team in Coushatta, LA. Schmidley is also the youngest graduate ever from the LSU Health-Shreveport MLS certification program and will be on our Executive War College agenda by leading a session entitled, “Achieving Certification as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist at the Age of 16:


Benefactor Sessions to Cover Practical Clinical Lab Solutions

Benefactor Session Highlights U.S. HealthTek Goes into Real Clinical Lab AI Case Studies This time of year, our small yet mighty team is mostly occupied in helping our fearless leader Robert L. Michel, the man behind the Executive War College, with constant and diligent planning for our 29th gathering of senior clinical lab leaders, April 30-May 1 in the Big Easy. Truth be told, however, there is an additional group of planners who also help make the event possible each year: our Corporate Benefactor Partners. We couldn’t bring you the event without their partnerships, from financial support, to helping us market seats to their customers, to helping to create a productive business environment onsite, to adding their thought leadership to the almost 100 sessions on


We Have You Covered on What You Need To Know on Digital Pathology

In addition to a wide-ranging array of many clinical lab and pathology management topics at the 29th Executive War College, we will cover what you need to know about the adoption of digital pathology, which each day becomes more entrenched in your thinking as a leader in your organization. A full day workshop entitled “Breaking Pathology’s Glass Side” will follow up the main program and help pathologists and their practice administrators answer the important question of when to implement digital pathology. However, we also haven’t forgotten to address this brave, new world during the main program, too. Esther Abels, CEO SolarisRTC in Boston, and past president of the Digital Pathology Association will holm a session entitled, “A Winning Use Case for Digital Pathology.” Abels will


Bringing you More Practical Advice and Application

We certainly like to brag about all the benefits of attending the Executive War College, but the one which makes us most proud is the recruitment of a who’s who of national thought leaders on topics of emerging concern for clinical lab and pathology leaders when it comes to running the business side of their labs. That’s why we again proudly boast that we have signed up a national speaker of note on the subject that both fascinates and terrifies us all. The brave new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. (ML). For the 29th EWC, not only are we running a full-day workshop on AI after the main conference, but we are also engaging Brad Bostic, the


Helping You Weather Major Regulatory Changes

Let’s start today with a little behind the scenes look into the planning of each year’s Executive War College. Truth be told, as early as late summer each year, I start “pestering” Robert Michel, Master and Commander of our must-attend event for clinical lab and pathology managers, to start building the agenda. As his right-hand man on the business side, I’m always anxious to start selling seats and sponsorships. However, Robert always pushes back a little, not because he’s a procrastinator, but because completing the agenda closer to the conference gives us the opportunity to address the day’s most-pressing, leading edge challenges. Fast forwarding to today, I must admit now that . . . the boss was right to wait! There are an unprecedented set


A Day All About Practical Applications and Deployment

First, I want to assure you that this is ME, not the Artificial Intelligence (AI) version of ME, but truly yours truly bringing you another update on what’s new at the upcoming 29th Executive War College. In fact, I have no intentions of being replaced by AI any time soon, and I believe it when Brad Bostic, CEO of hc1 in Indianapolis tells me after his discussion of the topic at last spring’s 28th EWC that, AI isn’t going to replace humans, but rather change the way we do things more effectively and efficiently. And, it’s “actually going to create more jobs (for real people) in healthcare,” Bostic predicts. But we can also see how this brave new world is causing consternation, wonderment and


Need to Ease Your Pain on LDTs? We’ve Got It Covered

Most of us remember the somewhat schmaltzy (yet always loveable) movie “Field of Dreams” from 1989, a film that reminds me of the reputation we have at the Executive War College for bringing clinical lab and pathology leaders the latest in cutting-edge topics and noteworthy speakers.  Although it’s not a voice from his cornfield, EWC master and commander Robert Michel first thinks, “build it and they will come.” Then, he starts thinking, “ease their pain,” as he goes about creating that year’s agenda behind his desk in Texas Hill Country. It’s in that spirit today that I humble brag about the type of session that typically springs from Robert’s ultimate goal. After all, what could be more painful than trying to cope with how your lab or lab company complies with a


Pathologist Pay, Productivity and Negotiating with Payers

Unfortunately, it’s the perfect storm for pathologists and pathology practices. Pathology reimbursements are constantly being cut while labor costs are rising to all-time highs. The threats to the livelihoods of anatomic pathologists today are everywhere. But at the Executive War College we have you covered with some important data, actionable info and best practices in our newly added session entitled, “What’s New in Pathologist Productivity and Compensation Plus Boosting Profitability through Effective Negotiations with Hospitals and Payers.” This session, which is co-helmed by Bob Tessier, co-founder of the Panel of National Pathology Leaders (PNPL) think tank, and Al Sirmon, a lead consultant for Pathology Practice Advisors in Pawleys Island, SC., will cover all aspects of what you need to know to avoid the pitfalls of what


Manage Denials and Appeals for Your Clinical Lab or Pathology Practice

Dealing with claims denials is an ongoing dilemma for clinical labs and pathology practices. Not only are the number of denials by payers increasing, but the demand for additional documentation is motivating labs to re-think their entire coding, billing and collections workflows. Are payers really worrying about more massive fraud, especially in the post Theranos era? Well, it’s more likely that the increase in denials is about payers being concerned more with unintentional coding mistakes, which are far more common than the antics of fraudsters such as Elizabeth Homes. This is why we’ve added the session “Latest Trends in Managing Denials and Appeals of Clinical Lab and Pathology Claims” to the agenda at the 29th Executive War College. Our speakers for the session include


Transitioning to a 100 Percent Digital Pathology Workflow

Held over after a smash hit 2023, a full-day discussion is back that will help you work toward breaking those glass slides. That’s right, the 2024 Executive War College will unfold with an updated rerun of its most-popular Day 3 workshop from last year. The session, which sold out in 2023, is titled, “Breaking Pathology’s Glass Slide Updated: Ways to Build Revenue with Digital Pathology, New Slide Scanning CPT Codes, and More,” and already signed up as a speaker is Eric Glassy MD, Medical Director of Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group in Rancho Dominquez, CA. Dr. Glassy is a nationally recognized expert in transitioning organizations to 100% digital pathology and whole slide imaging (WSI), having pioneered the technology more than a dozen years ago at


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Who Attends the Executive War College

Health Systems and Hospital Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Leadership

Hospital C-Suite Administrators

Laboratory Vice Presidents

Pathology Lab Directors/Administrators

Laboratory Directors

Molecular and Genetic Lab Leaders

Precision Medicine & Genetic Program Directors/Administrators

Laboratory Section Managers/Leaders/Supervisors

Representative Labs:

  • ACL Laboratories/Advocate Health
  • Cleveland Clinic Laboratories
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Baptist Health South Florida
  • Banner Health
  • Intermountain Health Outreach Labs
  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Cedars Sinai
  • Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center
  • Fabric Genomics
  • Kaiser Permanente

Independent Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Laboratory Owners/C-Suite/Vice Presidents/Directors

Pathology Group Owners/Directors

Pathology Group Practice Administrators

Physician Group Lab Owners/Directors

Public Health/Population Health VP’s/Directors

Life Sciences/Research Labs

Representative Labs:

  • Mayo Clinic Laboratories
  • ARUP (Reference Lab)
  • LabCorp (Reference Lab)
  • TriCore (Reference Lab)
  • GeneDx
  • Sonic Labs (Reference Lab)
  • Michigan Pathology Specialists (Pathologist Group)
  • Pacific Pathology Labs (Pathology Group)
  • NorDX (Animal Reference Lab)
  • Novartis (Research Pharm (Life Sciences)
  • AstraZeneca (Pharm/Life Sciences)
  • Caris Life Sciences (Pharm/Life Sciences)
  • Sonora Quest (Population Health Division)

Partners and Suppliers to Laboratory and Pathology Groups

In Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturers


Diagnostic Instrument, Product & Technology

Informatics Products and Services

Suppliers of Automation, Analyzers, and Assays

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Coding, Billing, and Collections

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Representative Companies:

  • Abbott (Diagnostics)
  • Epic Corporation (EMR/LIS)
  • Clinisys LIS
  • Cerner LIS
  • Telcor (Technology)
  • XIFIN (Technology/Informatics)
  • LifePoint Informatics
  • Change Health Care (RCM/billing)
  • HC1 (RCM)
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (RCM)
  • COLA (Regulatory)
  • College of American Pathologists (Regulatory)
  • Beckman Diagnostics (Diagnostics)
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories (Diagnostics)
  • Hologic (Diagnostics)
  • Cardinal Health (Product & Technology)
  • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Legal)