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by Bob Croce

For The Executive War College

We say it often and it’s true. We could not bring you the Executive War College each spring without the generous support of all our partners, especially those who work with us as Corporate Benefactors of this elite gathering of clinical laboratory and pathology executives.

So, today we wrap up our series in this space profiling each of the 13 special benefactor sessions in New Orleans in just 10 days from now.

This session, on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., will explore the transformative impact of technology on laboratory operations.

It will delve into how innovative technology integrations can revolutionize lab practices, enhancing efficiency, financial performance, and scalability. The session will showcase real-world examples and practical strategies and be helmed by Sapphire Villafana, Grace Health’s Director of Business Development.

Sapphire Villafana, Grace Health’s Director of Business Development.

Jeff Carmichael Xifin

XiFin’s Jeff Carmichael, SVP, Engineering and Analytics

Operating in an environment of ever-changing payer policies and behavior, finance and revenue cycle leaders must expand their understanding of how artificial intelligence (AI) can help them address operational and business issues, from an increase in denials to working errors more efficiently.

In this Tuesday, 8:30 a.m., session, Jeff Carmichael, SVP, Engineering and Analystics and Sandra Greefkes, VP, Product and Partner Marketing share learnings from AI projects, the need for automation as a foundation before applying AI, and the benefits of a more robust approach to AI-enabled RCM. 

Jeff and Sandra will present a comprehensive and strategic approach to data, automation, and AI that can help your organization accomplish the following:

  1. Remove friction throughout the patient’s experience.
  2. Route errors based on payment risk or billing team member expertise.
  3. Leverage AI to translate various payor responses into the most appropriate reason code and next actions.

Digital pathology is becoming the new standard of care, transforming the practice of pathology with many laboratories now adopting this technology.

Leica Biosystems invites you to discover how to optimize your digital pathology investment. A panel of experts, including Eric Glassy, MD, Medical Director, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group, and Sony Wirio, MD, Regional Chief Pathology, Southern Calif. Kaiser Permanente, will discuss on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., the latest trends and technological advancements driving digital diagnostics and improved patient outcomes.

They will offering fresh insights on how to enhance workflow efficiencies, elevate diagnostic accuracy and create added value to your laboratory.

Eric Glassy, MD, Medical Director, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group

Eric Glassy, MD, Medical Director, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group

Stacia Sump, Global Director of AI and Data Sciences at Clinisys,

Stacia Sump, Global Director of AI and Data Sciences at Clinisys,

In this session, on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., Clinisys will cut through the hype to understand what AI is and what it isn’t. Speakers will discuss the key technologies involved and how they can be applied to address problems within the laboratory.

Come gain an understanding of how investing in AI will benefit your lab, as well as where the potential pitfalls lie. This presentation, led by Stacia Sump, Global Director of AI and Data Sciences at Clinisys, will help you avoid risks, overcome challenges, and determine where to start.

Join Data Innovations on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., for an insightful session led by Ron Lum, Epic Beaker Enterprise Architect at Scripps Health, as he delves into the pivotal role of streamlining, simplifying, and optimizing technology to create efficiency in clinical pathology operations. Drawing from his expertise, Ron will share the fundamental concepts of communication between instruments, robotics, and LIS, and how simplifying these communications has a transformative impact on healthcare delivery.

In this session, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how Scripps Health leverages Instrument Manager in a dynamic synergy with Epic Beaker to streamline critical processes. Ron will pose the question: “Why complicate an already complicated system?” and evaluate the necessity of third-party middleware solutions in a rules-based setting driven by Instrument Manager and Epic Beaker.

That’s it for this week. More dispatches to come. Hope to see you and your “krewe” in New Orleans.

(Bob Croce is Executive Publisher/General Manager of The Dark Intelligence Group, the company that brings you the Executive War College. Have a question or comment for Bob, you can reach him at

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