Check out these Corporate Benefactor Sessions

We say it often and it’s true. We could not bring you the Executive War College each spring without the generous support of all our partners, especially those who work with us as Corporate Benefactors of this elite gathering of clinical laboratory and pathology executives. So, today we wrap up our series in this space profiling each […]

LDT Final Rule: This session will have you covered

We’re on the edge of our seats, waiting for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make official the final rule on Lab Developed Tests (LDTs), and wouldn’t it be interesting if it all came down during the 29th Executive War College. Suddenly, “Oversight of LDTs: How Labs Will Need to Comply, Steps to Take Now, […]

Showing Labs The Money; Get Maximum Reimbursement

Every time I read an article in the clinical laboratory world about reimbursement, I immediately flash on a famous scene in a famous 1990s rom com, where a character named Rod Tidwell is on the phone coaxing and cajoling a guy named Jerry Maguire to scream out a certain catch phrase that has since entered […]

Benefactor Sessions to Cover Practical Clinical Lab Solutions

Benefactor Session Highlights U.S. HealthTek Goes into Real Clinical Lab AI Case Studies This time of year, our small yet mighty team is mostly occupied in helping our fearless leader Robert L. Michel, the man behind the Executive War College, with constant and diligent planning for our 29th gathering of senior clinical lab leaders, April 30-May 1 in […]