Benefactor Sessions to Cover Practical Clinical Lab Solutions

by Bob Croce

For The Executive War College

Benefactor Session Highlights

U.S. HealthTek Goes into Real Clinical Lab AI Case Studies

This time of year, our small yet mighty team is mostly occupied in helping our fearless leader Robert L. Michel, the man behind the Executive War College, with constant and diligent planning for our 29th gathering of senior clinical lab leaders, April 30-May 1 in the Big Easy.

Truth be told, however, there is an additional group of planners who also help make the event possible each year: our Corporate Benefactor Partners. We couldn’t bring you the event without their partnerships, from financial support, to helping us market seats to their customers, to helping to create a productive business environment onsite, to adding their thought leadership to the almost 100 sessions on the program.

So, over the next two weeks, I’m going to bring you insight into the special benefactor-led sessions for this year’s program. Overall, there are 13 corporate benefactors, but today here’s a look at four of the sessions that take place on Tuesday, April 30, 8:30-9:20 a.m.

Note: we will look at the additional nine benefactor sessions in this space during the coming weeks.

“Is AI going to take my job? The Real-World Impact of AI, Machine Learning, and Automation in Healthcare”

Speakers: Robert Negosian, President & CTO of U.S. HealthTek; Greg Sorenson, M.D., CEO and Co-Founder of DeepHealth, Inc.; Andy Moye, Ph.D., CEO of Paige | AI Cancer Diagnostics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) most definitely has a presence with several sessions on our agenda, and this one, led by U.S. HealthTek, will add to your practical learning. The session features a panel discussion that includes actual AI implementations.

Robert Negosian, U.S. HealthTek President and CTO, will moderate this panel, and key points discussed will include the following:

  • How AI, machine learning and automation is being used successfully in healthcare organizations today.
  • The practical challenges of implementing of those technologies and key learnings from real-world scenarios.
  • The impact AI and machine learning can have on revenue, cost, and service offerings.
  • Best practices for success in planning, including discussion of assumptions versus reality.  

Robert Negosian, President & CTO of U.S. HealthTek

Enhancing Healthcare Continuity for a Growth Oriented Health System and Reference Lab: Leveraging EMPi and a Complete Interoperability Platform to Achieve Automated and Efficient Laboratory Data Exchange”

Speakers: Marci Dop, Vice President Enterprise Lab Operations, ELLKAY; John Johnson Senior Vice President, Sales, ELLKAY.

This session will explore how Intermountain Healthcare uses ELLKAY’s LKOrbit lab platform and upgraded interfaces to support their lab automation.

  • Learn methods used to transform a multi-system laboratory outreach program using master patient index data, a single data management platform, and enhancing reference lab workflows with ARUP’s highly automated specimen intake processes, while highlighting the verato query and the interoperability component for distribution of all results.

Marci Dop, VP Enterprise Lab Operations, ELLKAY

Marci Dop, VP Enterprise Lab Operations, ELLKAY

 Sarah Stewart VP Revenue Cycle Services, TELCOR

Marci Dop, VP Enterprise Lab Operations, ELLKAY

“RCM Business Intelligence: Are You Tracking the One Key Metric to Know if You’re Leaving Money on the Table?”

Speaker: Sarah Stewart VP Revenue Cycle Services, TELCOR, and a TBD panel.

For the success of your lab’s reimbursement, it is imperative to understand the key metrics every lab should be tracking. This includes knowing how your billing team is performing. Sometimes the effort isn’t worth the payout. Alternatively, you might be leaving money on the table, which could make a big difference. The question is, do you know?

During this TELCOR presentation, you will learn the following:

  • How payer requirements affect reimbursement and show ways to determine if your processes are effective or if they need to change.
  • Get insight into appeals to determine which are worth pursuing by understanding the cost versus success.
  • For new labs, know what to track to set yourself up for maximum reimbursement.
  • For existing labs, how to identify opportunities for additional reimbursement dollars.
  • Realize how productivity reports provide deeper insight into operational costs and how this information can impact your overall profitability.

Dean Paluch, VP of Sales, Experian Health

Dean Paluch, VP of Sales, Experian Health

“Revolutionizing Insurance Discovery in Lab RCM: Harness the Power of AI and Real-Time Data Correction”

Speaker:  Dean Paluch, VP of Sales, Experian Health and a panel TBD. 

In this Experian Health session, rev cycle expert and Wave HDC co-founder Dean Paluch, and our guest panel of laboratory revenue cycle leaders, will help you with the following:

  • Understand the crucial role of a continual monitoring strategy during open enrollment periods to ensure financial success.
  • Explore how real-time, automated data correction turns FTE-laden denial management teams into low-touch / no-touch denial prevention, limiting human resources investments.
  • Strategize smart ways to explore real-time AI tools that deliver immediate ROI.
  • Experience the financial impact of an insurance discovery client that avoided millions in potential denied claims and drove improved cash acceleration by using AI. 

That’s it for this week. More dispatches to come. Hope to see you and your “krewe” in New Orleans.

(Bob Croce is Executive Publisher/General Manager of The Dark Intelligence Group, the company that brings you the Executive War College. Have a question or comment for Bob, you can reach him at

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Christopher Ho MS, SVP Customer Operations Group, Myriad Genetics, Salt Lake City,
Rachelle Galant Chief Strategy Officer, Careviso, Falls Church, VA;
Gregory Stein Founder & CEO, Shadowbox, Carlsbad, CA

Sharma Rule VP, Operations, Natera, San Carlos, CA; 
Robin Hooker, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Biotouch Global, West Haven, CT

Michael Vishnevetsky, SVP, Business Development, Fabric Genomics, Oakland, CAA

Seth Maheue, CEO, Birdrock Laboratories, San Diego, CA.

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