A Day All About Practical Applications and Deployment

By Bob Croce

For The Executive War College

First, I want to assure you that this is ME, not the Artificial Intelligence (AI) version of ME, but truly yours truly bringing you another update on what’s new at the upcoming 29th Executive War College.

In fact, I have no intentions of being replaced by AI any time soon, and I believe it when Brad Bostic, CEO of hc1 in Indianapolis tells me after his discussion of the topic at last spring’s 28th EWC that, AI isn’t going to replace humans, but rather change the way we do things more effectively and efficiently. And, it’s “actually going to create more jobs (for real people) in healthcare,” Bostic predicts.

But we can also see how this brave new world is causing consternation, wonderment and a need for information that will help your clinical lab or pathology practice prepare for the looming AI revolution, and any associated disruption.

It’s why we have you covered with a Day 3 Workshop entitled, “Prepare Your Lab for Era of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Clinical Diagnostics: AI Technologies, Applications, and Best Paths to Deployment.”

Ajit Singh, Managing Partner, Artiman Ventures

Ajit Singh,
Managing Partner, Artiman Ventures, Palo Alto, CA,
will helm this artificial intelligence in labs workshop

One of the speakers for this day-long session is Ajit Singh, Managing Partner, Artiman Ventures in Palo Alto, CA. Singh has a vast background on the technology side of clinical labs and diagnostics, including as CEO of BioImagene (acquired by Roche), as former CEO of Siemens Oncology, and as an adjunct professor at Stanford Medical School.

However, it’s the Master and Commander of the War College agenda, Robert L. Michel, who identified this as a leading-edge topic that needed a full-day treatment at this year’s gathering of diagnostics, clinical laboratory and pathology managers.

“Clinical lab administrators and pathologists will want to closely watch the advances of AI and its enabling technologies,” writes Michel (the REAL one, not the AI version) in a recent issue of The Dark Report. “This is particularly true in anatomic pathology, where the leading edge of AI-powered solutions are directed toward digital pathology and algorithms designed to interpret whole slide images (WSIs) or guide pathologists to specific features in a WSI.”

Today, the sheer volume of info on AI-related topics hitting the public daily is compelling evidence that “a disruptive force is about to be unleashed upon society,” Michel writes.

“For example, each day brings a fresh wave of news stories about AI’s potential to transform almost every aspect of life,” Michel adds. “Reinforcing these news reports are an incessant stream of press releases from companies new and old, big and small, about their plans and progress to bring an AI-powered solution to some aspects of business and medicine.

To that end, you can expect that in the coming year or two, and beyond, that almost every product or service presented to a laboratory will include an AI-powered solution. This is why lab managers at all levels need to start tuning in now, and what better way to do so than signing up to attend EWC and this Day 3 session?

That’s it for this week. More dispatches to come. Hope to see you and your “krewe” in New Orleans.

(Bob Croce is Executive Publisher/General Manager of The Dark Intelligence Group, the company that brings you the Executive War College. Have a question or comment for Bob, you can reach him at bcroce@darkreport.com)

More friends made at last year’s Executive War College Grand Reception.

Why you should attend Executive War College 2024.
Click on the video above to hear what hc1 CEO Brad Bostic has to say. 

Bostic will be speaking again at this year’s War College during a session entitled, “Population Health Opportunities–Case Study involving Alzheimer’s “At Risk” Predictors: Steps to Clean Lab Data, Unifying Test Types & Results, and Training AI”

(Here are some recent additions to the EWC ’24 agenda)

Speaker: Lále White
San Diego, CA

Speaker: Jane Pine Wood 
McDonald Hopkins,
Dennis, MA

Speaker: Joe Seestadt
Director of Lab Outreach,
Bronson Healthcare Group,
Kalamazoo, MI

Speaker: Anthony Allegratta
PharmD, Regional Vice President, ChenMed,
Tampa Bay, FL

Speaker: James Crawford
MD, PhD Emeritus Chair, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Northwell Health,
Greenvale, NY

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