2024 EWC Benefactor: Quadax

Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize lab billing processes, enhance visibility through analytics, gain financial control, and minimize compliance risks for optimal reimbursement.

Laboratory Billing & A/R Software Solutions

Full Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management For Your Revenue Cycle From Billing To Analytics

With 50 years of experience, Quadax optimizes healthcare billing for better reimbursement. Our personalized approach reduces operational burdens, empowering organizations to seize opportunities. Specializing in laboratory Accounts Receivable (A/R) management, especially at critical junctures.


Transform your revenue capture with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Our results-driven model prioritizes authentic client partnerships, providing personalized solutions and training for seamless integration. With a team-based approach, we offer experienced professionals across revenue cycle management for customizable solutions. Access our advanced Decision Intelligence tool for transparency and trust, these metrics provide actionable insights without hours of manipulation, aiding in progress monitoring, identifying areas for refinement, and maximizing revenue.

A Single IT Ecosystem

The Platform You Need To Succeed

With Quadax’s cutting-edge technology platform, unlock the power of a unified IT ecosystem while enjoying the flexibility to access a wide array of functional services and software. Say goodbye to the risks associated with managing multiple specialist vendors and navigating complex integrations. Our comprehensive support includes pre and post billing services, payment portals, seamless integration with EHRs, and connectivity with external APIs. Imagine the assurance of knowing your revenue cycle management’s success isn’t tied to software compatibility. Quadax eliminates that uncertainty by seamlessly integrating with various software applications. No disconnects, no conversions—just seamless plug-and-play functionality.

Reimbursement Consulting & Support Services

Rely On The Experts

While we offer an industry-leading, purpose-built RCM solution for labs, Quadax’s greatest strength is our experience around implementation and ongoing support given our extensive history of meeting a variety of billing, reimbursement and industry challenges uniquely tied to all the different lab types from high volume, lower dollar routing clinical, pathology and toxicology testing to higher dollar diagnostic, genetic and molecular testing which has a heavier reimbursement burden. The client service team is supplemented with various dedicated resources within Quadax to react quickly to client needs, not only during implementation but throughout the engagement.

Reduce Denials

Prior Authorization Software

Most denials related to prior authorization and medical necessity can be proactively prevented. Utilizing Quadax’s Prior Authorization software enables real-time verification of healthcare payer pre-claim requirements, such as prior authorization and medical necessity criteria, reducing administrative denials, enhancing reimbursement, and safeguarding patients from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Lab Tech with computer

Meet Requirements

PAMA Reporting

Quadax’s system is equipped with the latest criteria from the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) and offers the tools you need to determine if your lab is required to report. For labs that are applicable, we gather the necessary payment data and provide it to CMS for review and approval by your finance leadership, ensuring a smooth and compliant submission process.

Client Success

“We were able to identify one particular denial and fix the issue, which reduced the number of denied claims—meaning we eliminated the need for those claims to be reworked.”

— Director of Customer Operations, Biodesix

John Leskiw
President & CEO
Tony Petras
Executive Vice President
COO - EDI Services
Kerry Elledge
Executive Vice President
Client Experience - RCS
Eric Matson
Executive Vice President
Information Technology
Gene Calai
Senior Vice President
Security Officer
Phil Conard
Senior Vice President
RCS Solution Strategy
& Support
Tom Cronin
Senior Vice President
Revenue Cycle Strategy
& Analytics
Dave Huber
Senior Vice President
RCS Production
Mike Kovacs
Senior Vice President
RCS Client Engagement
Brian Prahst
Senior Vice President
Application Development
Catherine Sicker
Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer
Brean Bark
Vice President
Product Development
Lynda Cooperrider
Vice President
Human Resources
Mark Tibbs
Vice President
Accounting & Finance
Lisa Zimmerman
Vice President
RCS Production Operations

Who Attends the Executive War College

Health Systems and Hospital Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Leadership

Hospital C-Suite Administrators

Laboratory Vice Presidents

Pathology Lab Directors/Administrators

Laboratory Directors

Molecular and Genetic Lab Leaders

Precision Medicine & Genetic Program Directors/Administrators

Laboratory Section Managers/Leaders/Supervisors

Representative Labs:

  • ACL Laboratories/Advocate Health
  • Cleveland Clinic Laboratories
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Baptist Health South Florida
  • Banner Health
  • Intermountain Health Outreach Labs
  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Cedars Sinai
  • Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center
  • Fabric Genomics
  • Kaiser Permanente

Independent Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Laboratory Owners/C-Suite/Vice Presidents/Directors

Pathology Group Owners/Directors

Pathology Group Practice Administrators

Physician Group Lab Owners/Directors

Public Health/Population Health VP’s/Directors

Life Sciences/Research Labs

Representative Labs:

  • Mayo Clinic Laboratories
  • ARUP (Reference Lab)
  • LabCorp (Reference Lab)
  • TriCore (Reference Lab)
  • GeneDx
  • Sonic Labs (Reference Lab)
  • Michigan Pathology Specialists (Pathologist Group)
  • Pacific Pathology Labs (Pathology Group)
  • NorDX (Animal Reference Lab)
  • Novartis (Research Pharm (Life Sciences)
  • AstraZeneca (Pharm/Life Sciences)
  • Caris Life Sciences (Pharm/Life Sciences)
  • Sonora Quest (Population Health Division)

Partners and Suppliers to Laboratory and Pathology Groups

In Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturers


Diagnostic Instrument, Product & Technology

Informatics Products and Services

Suppliers of Automation, Analyzers, and Assays

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Coding, Billing, and Collections

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Representative Companies:

  • Abbott (Diagnostics)
  • Epic Corporation (EMR/LIS)
  • Clinisys LIS
  • Cerner LIS
  • Telcor (Technology)
  • XIFIN (Technology/Informatics)
  • LifePoint Informatics
  • Change Health Care (RCM/billing)
  • HC1 (RCM)
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (RCM)
  • COLA (Regulatory)
  • College of American Pathologists (Regulatory)
  • Beckman Diagnostics (Diagnostics)
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories (Diagnostics)
  • Hologic (Diagnostics)
  • Cardinal Health (Product & Technology)
  • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Legal)