2023 EWC Sponsor: Coronis Health

Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Who We Are

Coronis Health is a healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing company offering global capabilities & specialized solutions. By using industry- leading technology combined with high- touch relationship building, Coronis Health allows healthcare practitioners & facilities to focus on patient care, maintain financial independence, and cultivate financial success.

Two healthcare workers sitting at a table looking at Coronis Health data.

Who We Are

The Future of Medical Billing

Through our personal, high-touch service, Coronis Health can provide an unparalleled level of professionalism you won’t find anywhere else. We won’t just help you collect your revenue. We will help you financially grow while progressing this industry into the modern technological age.

Pathology lab technician using a scope to check a sample.

Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology joins the most innovative and thought-advancing leaders in laboratory medical billing services and revenue cycle management together to maximize laboratory reimbursement for molecular diagnostics, clinical reference, hospital outreach labs, toxicology labs, and more. With a team of former lab professionals, Coronis offers unparalleled insight into the entire revenue cycle process for labs.

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