2023 EWC Benefactor: Wave HDC

What is Healthcare Data CurationTM?

Wave’s Healthcare Data CurationTM service is the solution to the billions of dollars in lost revenue and wasted time spent editing claims and appeals every year.

Wave HDC leverages the power of AI to secure the most accurate patient information available to companies throughout healthcare. Our proprietary Wave Analyzer technology coupled with our suite of tailored solutions and services autonomously verifies, corrects and updates patient records in real-time.

This translates to one of the single-most greatest cost savings and operational efficiencies for hospitals, billing services, labs and other healthcare providers.

Wave HDC enables you to do what’s never been done before—quickly and effortlessly find patient and insurance information that was previously out of reach with 100% confidence…guaranteed.


If you depend on patient
data, you need Wave HDC.

Wave HDC is a data-as-a-service plug-in that can easily be
implemented into a host HIS, PMS, LIS, order entry or billing system.

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Get compensated. Stay compliant. Wave curates data that minimizes claim costs and maximizes cash flow.

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You know healthcare. We know data. Feed your high performance HIS with the highest quality patient and insurance information.

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Billing Companies

More hits and higher confidence mean more business for you. Wave’s success rate is unrivaled, so your performance is unparalleled.

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Wave HDC solutions enable a growing list of the world’s best HIS, PMS, and billing and RPA companies to leverage AI to curate the highest quality of healthcare data for their clients.

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Physician Groups and Healthcare Providers

Manual discovery and data correction is a cost center you can avoid. Wave enhances your PMS to automate data curation, reduce RCM and free staff from mundane tasks.

Our Solutions

Automated solutions supported by the best industry and technology experts.

Wave harnesses today's most amazing technologies in the Wave Analyzer and leverages the unparalleled talents of healthcare's leading data authorities to solve your greatest billing challenges today.

Solving a multibillion dollar problem.

Our decision to launch Wave was sealed by the realization that we have the expertise and technology trio of big data, AI and automation know-how to solve these problems for the first time in history.


Our people bring together an unrivaled skillset in healthcare billing and technology and deep insights from decades of experience on the provider and insurer sides. We know the pressures experienced by providers and revenue cycle personnel. We understand the challenges to maintaining profit margins, mission, compliance and patient care because we’ve lived them. It’s what drives our nonstop solutioning as well as our hands-on approach to answering client needs, right down to the fastest and easiest integrations in the industry.

Proof of concept.

We are the trusted resource of leading hospitals, labs, billing companies and auditors. We’ve introduced a suite of AI- powered Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions that’s already solving major challenges through autonomous verification, correction of data, compliance and FWA management. These solutions are becoming more and more autonomous and delivering more and more value to providers and auditors every day. That’s the nature of AI— and our nature as a company.

Envisioning industry transformation.

We are on our way to becoming the de facto standard in intake data curation and have eliminated the need to run credit reports in healthcare. We believe the higher we raise the bar, the more our clients and their patients everywhere benefit.

Learn how Wave Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions can deliver transformative results and a 300% ROI for your organization guaranteed.

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Chief Revenue Officer

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President & CEO

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Director – Security IT and Operations

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