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Versant Diagnostics Is Leading The Digital Pathology Revolution

At Versant Diagnostics, our mission is to become the nation’s largest independent physician services company focused on digital anatomic pathology. For more than a decade, our partners have seen the increasing need for faster, more accurate pathology. Now, we’re combining advanced technology with the country’s most skilled and diverse set of expert sub-specialized pathologists to improve patient diagnoses, care, and outcomes.

For the first time ever, Versant Diagnostics is consolidating the strongest range of sub-specialty expertise under one roof and infusing that network with the capital to convert each practice to digital pathology while fully maintaining physician leadership and the integrity of each acquired practice.

Improving medical diagnostics through the convergence of the latest technology and leading physicians.

Versant Diagnostics Leadership

Ven Aduana M.D. Chairman & CMO of Versant Diagnostics
Ven Aduana, M.D.
Chairman, CMO
Jim Billington CEO of Versant Diagnostics
Jim Billington
Rob Albert Development lead at Versant Diagnostics
Rob Albert
John Horton
Sales & Marketing
Alex Stefanowicz
Human Resources
Allen Whitehead CFO at Versant Diagnostics
Allen Whitehead