2023 EWC Benefactor: TELCOR

We Deliver On Our Promises

By listening to our customers, we have developed innovative solutions protecting their investment. With proven integrity, we build trust and provide meaningful value. This is at the very core of who we are as an organization.

Founded in 1995, TELCOR is the proven leader of health care software solutions for point of care (POC) and laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM). Customers today need robust, efficient solutions to match laboratory and hospital challenges.

Providing Innovative Solutions for More Than 25 Years TELCOR POC offers an open vendor system with connectivity to virtually every device type. TELCOR RCM is designed to increase collections, reduce expenses, and provide real-time data analytics.

Our software is designed for the unique challenges and requirements of laboratory specialties and the clients they serve, including hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, pharmacology businesses, and clinics.

Telcor We Are thoughtful and accepting of people and ideas because of every person's contribution is significant.
Telcor We Are authentic and passionate because our products positively impact the lives of others.
Telcor We Are continuously collaborative because teamwork is never optional.
Telcor We Are smart and innovative because we believe diversity creates brilliant outcomes.

Founded in 1995, TELCOR is an innovative company providing health care software and service solutions to more than 2,600 hospitals and laboratories across the United States and Canada. With our strong culture of integrity, innovation and teamwork, we are able to respond quickly to any industry or technology changes helping ensure customer success.

Jim Terrano
Becky Clarke
Deb Larson